A tall and powerfully built farmer from a nearby village drove into the parking lot for the farmers market; hours after the other farmers had set up their stands and sold most of their goods. It was a sunny cool day and hundreds of people had come.

In the huge flatbed of his truck, instead of cartons of greens, tomatoes, peppers, carrots and onions, were large crates of creatures.

Three younger men quickly got out of the truck, one jumped into the back and two stood at the end, as the farmer and the young man in the truck gently but swiftly pushed the crates down the ramp to the workers waiting to unlock them and lead the animals into an enormous pen. The farmer had long dark straight hair that fell in his eyes and instead of hands he had hoofs. I was attracted to him.

We gathered around the pen the men had constructed and were encouraged to go inside and pet and pick up any animal we wanted. There were all kinds of cats, large and small, spotted and striped of every color, iguanas and fantastical creatures like a small elephant seal, covered in fur that slithered like a snake.

The farmer spoke mesmerizingly of the natural and supernatural world where the animals lived. I had something to give him to read, a story I had written. He read it and praised it, his dark eyes imprinting on me. We knew each other, but I don’t know from when.

When it was time for him to leave, he and his workers gathered up the animals although they couldn’t catch them all. No one seemed to mind, they said they would return to the wild.

As he drove off I felt a cold air stream through a hole in my heart. I thought of the words I had recently read:  If I reveal myself to you, will you reject me?

I always hid. But I had given him my story and he liked it.  I thought, if I reveal myself to others, I reveal myself to me as well. How else can I know myself?  Until we know we’re repressing or unconscious of our hiding or even our presenting ourselves, we don’t know.

Some moments we catch, some return to the wild. We are here and we are wild.